The “Netti-book” on a long journey

  The students 1st and 2nd level of the Uluinakorovatu Primary School in Naceva, Fiji Islands are delighted to read the story of Netti, a Swiss goat.

In 2015, Greti Morgenthaler from the village Ursenbach wrote the storybook «S’ Netti». This book about the extraordinary goat, illustrated by Angela Christen-Schär from the village Rohrbach, went on a long journey:
Greti Morgenthaler’s daughter, Annelies Lüscher-Morgenthaler from Urtenen-Schönbühl, put up a free lunch project on Fiji, after having visited the Island Beqa in 2010.
She was overwhelmed by the beauty of the small island and shocked by the prevailing poverty. In December 2009 a hurricane had destroyed many buildings and the pace of reconstruction was slow. The situation at school was of particular interest to her, so she visited the school in Naceva. A partially destroyed school building, motivated teachers, and about 80 happy students were there to welcome her. Many things were lacking, but what worried her most was the fact that according to the teachers the children were under-performing in their afternoon classes because they were not getting enough food. The idea behind the project Loloma-Lunch, put up in 2010, is to finance a free school lunch for the 80 children at the Uluinakorovatu Primary School. In the first phase, warm food was cooked twice a week. After one year, it was possible to extend the offer to 3 times a week.
To maintain the project in the long-term the association is in need of repetitive donations. (loloma.ch)
Annelies Lüscher-Morgenthaler keeps contact with the head teacher of the Uluinakorovatu Primary School in Naceva, Master Kitione Ligavatu. During his visit in Switzerland, Annelies Lüscher gave him the storybook together with an English translation. Probably there are not many storybooks which made such a long journey. Obviously, the students enjoy the story very much …


Newspaper «Unter-Emmentaler», 15th February 2020, article by ljw
Picture: Association LOLOMA

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