In March, a fifth food donation action was carried out. The head teacher then wrote an email to all donors to say "Thank you".


Wednesday March 9th 2022

Greetings from Uluinakorovatu Primary School.

A big bula vinaka to you Anna and all our LOLOMA donors.

I wish to take this opportunity to kindly acknowledge the food rations rendered to my family last week.  My family were really touched when we saw the bag brought by my nephew on Monday afternoon. Thank you very much for the kind hearted from your side. It's my prayer that our Almighty God will continue to shower His Blessings upon you and all other donors from Switzerland.

Lists below the content of the food rations Anna.

10 kg Flour
10 kg Rice
2 kg sugar
2 large tin fish
1 350ml soya bean oil
8 rolls toilet papers
1 bucket biscuit (small)
1 bar washing soap
4 bathing soap
1 colgate
1 soap powder.

Nevertheless, pardon us for not sending photos because we are part of the loading and delivering . If we were only part of the delivery team we could provide you with more updates.

Moreover,our village is encountering a week of evangelism this week. Rev. Iliesa Koroi is one of the most popular or the best. Yesterday, I invited him to be our Chief Guest. We prepared tea for our female teachers since it was International Women's Day. I  shared your club with Him and he also prayed for the LOLOMA in Switzerland.You can see our photos with the LOLOMA Tree.

Thank you once again Anna. Take care and continue with all the good work. Take care and regards to all your family members and not forgetting the rest of your club members.

Next week I will be sending an email regarding the farewell to all the Year 8 students that will be leaving UPS in April for their new Secondary Schools.

Moce and blessed day.

Kitione Ligavatu

Head Teacher




The four food donations of 2021

Corona is also hitting Fiji hard. The majority of schools remained closed in the second half of the year, and lunch counters became superfluous.

Food supplies became increasingly precarious on Beqa Island.

We reacted: In May, July, October and December, our contact persons organized the distribution of food parcels in the two villages of Naiseiseu and Naceva.

The food distributed was mainly rice, flour, oil, sugar and soap. The gratitude of the families was and is enormous.

By clicking on the respective title below you will find pictures and letters about the respective action.

A big thank you to all the donors who made these actions possible.