In February 2010 I had the opportunity to visit the Fijian Island Beqa. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the small island in the South Pacific and shocked by the prevailing poverty. The hurricane from December 2009 destroyed many buildings; reconstruction took place at a sluggish pace.

The situation of the school was of particular interest to me therefore I paid the school in Naceva a visit. A partially destroyed school building, motivated and engaged teachers and about 80 happy scholars were welcoming me. The hurricane has left his traces here as well. There was a lack of many things, but what worried me most, was the fact that teachers told me that the kids were under-performing in the afternoon classes, as they didn’t get enough food.
Their ways to school are long, during lunch the kids can’t go home and should refresh themselves. Should! Most of them don’t have any eatable stuff on them.
The association “Loloma”, established for this purpose, targets to offer a free school lunch to the Uluinakorovatu Primary School. In a first phase of the project two times per week a warm meal was cooked for the children. After one year the service was extended to three meals per week.
Apparently the absences during the afternoon classes have decreased significantly – a most welcome side effect. The consistent positive reactions were enough motivation for us to continue the project.
To sustain our project during a long time, we are in permanent need of donations. By donating at least 80 CHF per year, you will be come the status of a donator and you will receive regularly the newest information about our project.

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Annelies Lüscher