Foundation of the association

After a one month trial period, we decided to go on with the project.

> Statutes

> Foundation minutes

Name: Looking for a well-fitting name for our association, we came up on the Fijian word “Loloma”. It means gift, love or a token of friendship.

VLogo: The coconut, the model of our logo, symbolizes new life, food and hope. Realized in several steps, the coconut has been abstracted and turned into our logo.


Foto: Annelies Lüscher   /   Drawings: Fabian Lüscher   


Launch of the project with two meals per week

> Loloma News #1


Extension of the supply to three meals per week.

> Loloma News #3


The school own vegetable garden has been realized.

> Loloma News #7


The idea of building a hen house becomes concrete.


The new management of the school prefers not to continue with poultry keeping project due to organisational reasons.


The association exists since 5 years. During this time over 40'000 meals have been cooked in Naceva.

> Loloma News #9


After another change in the school management a former project has been picked up: The association examines the possibility to equip the newly elected teachers with PCs/Laptops and printers in an appropriate way.

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The small library has to make way for an additional dormitory. The association donates about CHF 5'000 for the construction of a free-standing building on the school grounds. On 17 November, the beautiful library is inaugurated.

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The school switches to solar power. The Loloma association made it possible to build a solar power system, which can be put into operation in September.

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The school headmaster visits Switzerland and on this occasion talks about the difficulties that the school leavers of Uluinakorovatu Primary School have when transferring to a secondary school because they do not have any computer skills. The association reacts and donates some laptops to the school.

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Fiji also suffers a lockdown due to the worldwide pandemic, many people lose their jobs and food supplies become scarce. The association decides to offer lunch 4 times a week to relieve the families. In addition, the island of Beqa is hit by a cyclone that destroys the school's washrooms. Here too, the association helps quickly and unbureaucratically.

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