Five years ago, our idea to provide the pupils of Naceva’s primary school with warm lunch was realized for the first time. Thanks to your continued support, by now we can offer free warm meals three times per week. Thank you very much!

Letters of friendship

One year ago, pupils from Jegenstorf (Switzerland) sent letters to the children of the Uluinakorovatu Primary School. The Swiss pupils then had just started with their first year of English classes. Some weeks later, we received news from Naceva: the letters had arrived and were warmly appreciated on Fiji. Not long after, a bunch of letters written by the kids of Naceva and addressed personally to everyone in the Swiss class reached Switzerland. Meanwhile, several letters have been sent in both directions. The kids shared information about their lives, school, families, plans for the future etc.

New teachers

After five years of cooperation with the primary school of Naceva we are already used to the fact that there are often changes in the teaching staff. Recently, it was decided that Master Kitty will come back to the Uluinakorovatu school. I am very happy about this change. Master Kitty was present at the very beginning of our project and now has resumed his duty in Naceva. I hope he will stay in this position for at least some years and will further support our Loloma-Lunch.

Best regards                                                                                                                                     
Loloma Lunch,
Annelies Lüscher